A Declaration of Freedom


The very best shots are sometimes the most difficult to capture due to the physical limitations of bulky camera gear.

Olympus OM-D cameras are the result of our mission to create smaller, lighter gear that delivers all the advanced features and high image quality of much larger rigs. The freedom to move—and spontaneously react—is key to a long, successful career in photography. The OM-D E-M1X pro camera is built to get any shot, anytime, anywhere.

The E-M1X is packed with innovative technology, including world-leading image stabilization, AI-based Intelligent Subject Detection AF, and a handheld ultra-high resolution shooting mode, all packed in a compact weathersealed system. It boasts a built-in vertical grip with duplicative controls for intuitive operation regardless of shooting orientation. 

OM-D gives photographers the freedom they need to bring their very best visions to life.

Olympus Visionary Kelley Cox