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spiration valve system

The Path to a Patent

How do a few sketches in a lab notebook turn into a patented, FDA-designated breakthrough medical device? A team of Olympus Redmond employees prepared and presented to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) about how the Spiration® Valve System became a commercial product.

happy doctors

Continue Learning with Olympus

Coming up in March 2021, we are offering a variety of virtual programs across multiple specialties that support this goal of elevating patient care, together.

Research Round-Up

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orbeye exoscope and two doctors

ORBEYE Helps Surgical Teams Protect Against COVID-19

A recent case report published in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery details how the use of the ORBEYE 4K 3D exoscope allows surgeons to perform otologic surgery with sterile draping and proper PPE without compromising surgical visualization or patient outcomes.

Patient Experience

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Mark and Tim Crafts

Mark and Tim Crafts Conquer Cancer Journey: They Keep Rollin'!

“Can I still ride my bike?” was the first question Mark Crafts asked his doctor after his cancer initial diagnosis, and it’s a bit of a wonder that 3 years after the grim diagnosis of Stage IV colorectal and liver cancer, many difficult surgeries and 1,000+ hours of chemo, Mark is still pedaling the byways of the Bay Area.

women with family

Weighing the Options

Weighing her options, Rachel decided to undergo a minimally invasive hysterectomy with the use of the Olympus containment tissue extraction system. “I know it was the right choice for my surgery.”

At Our Core

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african american women coworkers

Celebrating Diversity During Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, we are spotlighting members of our African American CAN, a group dedicated to broadening awareness of different cultures while creating a welcoming environment.

carrie and son

An Ally For Those With Invisible & Visible Disabilities

In the INterAbilites CAN, I gained a better understanding of disabilities I had not previously known about. It is an opportunity for everyone to learn and grow as an individual. The CAN provides the opportunity for inclusion and connection with others.

gilda and kids

Accepting Our Differences

Most people have special needs of some kind, and as a society it’s important to remove the stigma of that. We are all individuals with different abilities. Acceptance of our differences is being an ally to the human condition.

Inside Olympus

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female student working from home

A Marketing Intern’s Experience Working Virtually

What is like to have a virtual internship at Olympus? Elizabeth “Liz” O’Hara is a Product & Digital Marketing Intern on the Respiratory Marketing Team this semester and was recently interviewed about what it’s like working virtually and how that’s impacted her internship experience.